Knights of Columbus / Ladies Auxiliary

Instituted in February 2008, the Michael C. Kidd Council is based at Holy Family Church. The K of C is a fraternal organization of Catholic men that stresses responsibility and service in several areas: Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth. Their charitable work for the needy and the oppressed is well known. Our community is made all the richer because of their strong moral presence and social responsibility. They will host a multitude of activities throughout the year. Membership is open to any practicing Catholic man, 18 years of age or older, in good standing with the Church.

The K of C recently established a Ladies' Auxiliary group that is trying to expand charitable work within the parish.

Please visit the chapter's website to learn more about the Michael C. Kidd Council.


Questions or concerns? Contact us via email or the parish office at 301.249.2266